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Pioneering dog wrap soothes anxious pets in an instant

Owners can now calm their anxious dogs in no time, with a pioneering coat that gives pets a therapeutic hug.

Now available from The Company of Animals, the fast-acting Anxiety Wrap is a lightweight, breathable pressure wrap especially designed to calm anxious, excitable, or fearful dogs. 

The cleverly designed and patented elasticated wrap uses scientifically proven acupressure on key points of the dog’s body, as well as gentle maintained pressure to relieve stress, mimicking the calming effects of hugging a distressed child.

A US clinical study has shown that the Anxiety Wrap is effective in calming nine out of 10 distressed dogs (For details of the trial, please refer to the Journal of Veterinary Behaviour 2012).

The Company of Animals’ founder Dr. Roger Mugford said: “The Anxiety Wrap is a tried-and-tested solution and works as a brilliant natural alternative to sedatives or other drug-based therapies.    

Not only are the techniques used by the Anxiety Wrap scientifically proven, but the wrap is highly regarded by vets, trainers and dog owners in the United States where it has been available since 1991.

The Anxiety Wrap can also be combined with a facial wrap for an even stronger calming effect.  This simple device calms over-excited dogs prone to excessive barking, and is therefore named ‘Quiet Dog’”.

A huge fan of the power of Anxiety Wrap to calm any dog, Dr. Mugford has seen the product provide astounding results with his patients at the Training and Behaviour Centre in Surrey.

One memorable case he helped with Anxiety Wrap was a TV talent show winner. While the Border Collie was a confident top dog in the show ring, it was easily upset and scared by the adulation it received, developing a phobia to clapping and celebratory fireworks. However, applying the Anxiety Wrap created an instant calming effect in their star performer. 

The Anxiety Wrap is made from 98 per cent polyester and 2 per cent Spandex.  It has unique, non-restrictive leg straps which allow animals to jump, run and swim with ease.  Unlike other body wraps, it does not over heat the dog in warm weather. 

The Anxiety wrap comes in seven sizes and retails at £29.99. The Quiet Dog is available in 5 sizes and retails at £4.99.

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