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Business as usual for pet store as it recovers from fraudulent insurance claim
Purpose built to support health conscious pet parents
PATS Sandown visitor numbers announced – show attracts ‘high quality’ buyers and retailers
Picture round-up from the pet extravaganza
New grooming competition launched at PATS Sandown
Award makes new Be:Loved range an instant success
Vital increases service levels by opening new office
Fish4Dogs staff get a slice of the action
Pure Pet Food launches new dog food recipe
Broadreach Nature looks forward to Global Pet Expo
ADAPTIL and FELIWAY launch Pet Anxiety Month in March
Get your own copy of Pet Trade Xtra
Raw dog food firm recalls products for second time within a month
High Street retailers write to Chancellor calling for business rates reform
Brambles Charity Giveaway a huge success
Couple who sold puppies from illegal 'pet shop' avoid jail
PIF continues to refresh range of benefits for members
Pet lovers prefer a bit of Rovermance on Valentine's Day
Vital says love for pets is driving premium purchases
Henry Bell celebrates National Nest Box Week
The best of last weeks Pet Trade Xtra
PATS Sandown 2020 New Product Awards
PATS Sandown off to great start despite weather
Company says 'adios plastic' with new poop bags
New wholesaler launches into UK pet food market

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Purpose built to support health conscious pet parents
Pet Trade Xtra promotion

Pawfect Foods is a healthier living dog treat range in rude health, an innovation-based business targeting health conscious ‘pet parents’ who want for their four-legged friends the same healthful living choices that they themselves have access to.


With one in four British dogs deemed clinically obese it probably won’t surprise you to learn that recent Royal Canin research highlighted that a third of dog owners share their takeaways/fast food with their pets, a ‘killing with kindness approach,’ that not only promotes obesity, heart disease and avoidable joint conditions whilst also storing up problems around digestive health, tooth decay and skin problems.


‘Pet humanisation’ has been the hot trend of recent years, however mimicking human-led trends needn’t be detrimental to your dog’s health.  


Pawfect for example champions plant-based treats (Nature’s Munch, Doggy’s Brew…) not believing for a second that dogs are vegetarians but refusing to polarise dogs as single-track carnivores, knowing that an overt, meat-based diet can lead to all-manner of doggy ailments, from joint inflammation to debilitating gut acidity.


According to Pawfect Treats founder, Prash Partwardhan, "Occasionally substituting in the odd nutrient-rich vegetarian/herbal or calcium-rich dairy treat (Himalayan Cheese treat) will ensure your pet receives the right balance of nutrients, protein, carbs, fibre, fats and essential amino acids.  


"We see our range as not only well-placed to refresh pet food aisles in supermarkets and independent pet food stores that have historically been dominated by predictable, convenience over taste mainstream offers, but also bring new momentum to the new gamut of dog-friendly venues (coffee shops, pubs, hotels, delis...).  


"By championing best-in-class treats made with all-natural, human-grade ingredients, we enable retail outlets to charge a small premium which brings some much needed incremental value into the marketplace."


Pawfect Pet Foods is very proud of its no compromise mindset; be that the presence of an esteemed canine nutritionist in their new product development team, an unflinching commitment to human-grade ingredients OR a state-of-the-art BRC/ISO-22000 & HACCP compliant production facility, Pawfect is an ambitious business putting its best paw forwards.  With year one sales close to £1m and a presence in 7 (and counting) European markets, Pawfect Foods is a health & well-being orientated operation that pet owners can trust.


For more information visit

The current Pawfect Foods portfolio consists of: 7 easy-to-use beneficial brews (Doggy’s Cuppa), all natural chhurpi treats for dogs of every age and life-stage (Himalayan Cheese Treats), a 7-strong portfolio of freeze-dried fruit & veg nibbles (Nature’s Munch) and a couple of veggie blend mixes to support dogs following a BARF-based diet (Doctor Veneta’s Kitchen)

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