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Beco's cat bowl shortlisted for top international award

A revolutionary ‘wide and low’ cat bowl made from bamboo powder, rice husks and corn starch, and designed by Beco Pets, Britain’s biggest manufacturer of eco-friendly pet products, has been shortlisted for a prestigious international charity award.

The Beco Cat Bowl, whose wide shape and low sides help avoid discomforting friction for cats with long whiskers, was nominated by an expert cat behaviourist at the leading UK charity, International Cat Care.

The charity has a distinguished track record of working for over 50 years to raise the standard of treatment and care provided to cats by veterinary surgeons, boarding cattery operators, those involved in rescue work, breeders and cat owners.

International Cat Care’s role overseas also includes welfare work for unowned cats, supplying information to cat owners worldwide, and working with veterinary organisations abroad as well as in the UK.

The Beco Cat Bowl has been nominated for a “Cat Friendly Award”, which, in the words of the awards’ organisers, honour those products and companies who “make a real difference to cat wellbeing and welfare”.

Pioneering eco firm Beco Pets, who have sold their popular Beco Bowls worldwide and now export to 43 countries, said it was “fantastic news” that their cat bowl had been shortlisted.

Toby Massey, co-Founder of Beco Pets, Design Director, and himself a cat owner, said: “We have sold well over 1 million Beco Bowls worldwide and to be shortlisted for this prestigious award is fantastic news.

“The big difference between Beco Bowls and traditional plastic or metal bowls is that they are not coated with any lacers or coatings. This makes them toxin- and chemical-free. A number of cat owners have reported to us that their cats had suffered with acne, or rashes on their chin, and they were very surprised when this cleared up after using a Beco Bowl.

“We have also had a number of reviews from catteries that use our bowls, and they have found the bowls work particularly well with fussy animals. Some cats seem to dislike very shiny surfaces, and the matt texture of the Beco Bowl seems to be more soothing to eat from than a metal bowl. Our product’s wide shape and low sides help with avoiding whiskers. We care about our cats and put a great deal of thought into the design of our cat products.”

He added: “The Beco Cat Bowl is made from a type of bio-composit. Bowls are made from a mix of material that will naturally break down and degrade. The mix includes bamboo powder, rice husks and corn starch and an amino acid resin which holds everything together.”

Leading names from the UK pet industry, celebrities and VIPs are expected to attend the International Cat Care Annual Awards at the Kensington Roof Gardens in London on Friday July 15.

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